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The Railroading of Dr. Jeffrey R. MacDonald Fatal Justice ,
The Continuing Persecution of Dr. Jeffrey R. MacDonald From Ken Adachi < Editor >
November 5, 2005 Ted Gunderson had left a message on my answering machine this evening (Saturday, Nov. 5) that I didn't find out about until 9:59PM. My wife said that "Ted had left a message about some 'show' that was coming on at 10 PM", but she wasn't sure of the details. Ted's message was recorded over, so I quickly phoned Ted to find out what he wanted me to see. After being told that he wasn't at home in Las Vegas, I reached him on his cell phone at his daughter's apartment in Los Angeles. "Yea, it's on now." he said after I announced myself. "What channel?" I asked. "CBS, it just started!". I knew he wanted to watch the show himself, so I said: "OK, got it." and hung up. I didn't know what he wanted me to see, but I knew it was on Channel 2. I hurried to turn on the TV, but I had to play around with the antennae on top of the set for quite a while until I got a fairly clear picture (Channel 2 is the most difficult station to pull in clearly when you're using built-in rabbit ears antennae). And there he was, Dr. Jeffrey Robert MacDonald , being "interviewed" on TV- yet again- concerning the murders that took place at his home at 544 Castle Dive on Fort Bragg, North Carolina. in the early morning hours of February 17, 1970 where his pregnant wife, Colette, and two young daughters, Kristen, 2, and Kimberly, 5, were savagely slaughtered in a horrific triple murder bloodbath. MacDonald was discovered unconscious and seriously injured, as he had been stabbed multiple times with an ice pick, a knife, and repeatedly clubbed with a baseball bat. When he was taken to the hospital, doctors discovered that one of his lungs had collapsed due to puncture wounds. For Jeffrey MacDonald, however, his ordeal didn't end with the surgery to restore the functioning of his right lung- it had barely just begun. While his lung was being repaired, an Army Criminal Investigation Division ( CID ) investigator by the name of William F. Ivory was gathering evidence at the MacDonald home. The story of what happened to much of the forensic evidence at the murder scene and the decisive role that William Ivory played in the pernicious prosecution and railroading of Jeffrey MacDonald will be explored in a separate series of articles , but for the purpose of this writing, it's important to note that the CBS TV program that I was now watching, 48 Hours Mystery , hosted by Bill Lagattuta , was repeatedly referring back to the explanations and crime scene assessments offered by the very same "Bill" Ivory , who was being portarayed on this television program as a heroic, tenacious, and stalwart bulldog investigator (along with Peter Kearns, another former CID investigator), explaining to the viewer what really happened that night (we are told) and MacDonald's true role (we are told) as crafty psychotic killer and cunning deceptionist. On August 1979, Jeffrey MacDonald was convicted in a Raleigh, North Carolina courtroom of killing his wife and two small children and was sentenced to three consecutive life terms in prison. There's only one problem with this picture-- MacDonald didn't do it . How the CID, FBI, and prosecutor's office (with the help of a grossly biased trial judge of record, Judge Franklin T. Dupree, Jr- whose son-in-law , James Proctor, was one of MacDonald's prosecutors) could twist the facts, set up red herrings to befuddle jurors, suppress, conceal, and "lose"exculpatory evidence, ignore relevant witnesses, fail to conduct a meaningful investigation, and brow beat a jury into a guilty verdict is one of the worst cases of prosecutorial misconduct and judicial malfeasance in twentieth century America. What actually happened that night? At least seven (and possibly eight) members of a local 13-member satanic/drug cult, most of them high on drugs, had entered MacDonald's home sometime after 2:00 AM on Feb. 17, 1970 and murdered Colette and the two young children. The attackers may have inadvertently or intentionally allowed MacDonald to survive so that he could be blamed for the killings. One of the newer and youngest members of that satanic drug cult, 16 year old Helena Stoeckley , remorseful after the event, tried to help win MacDonald's vindication in later years by revealing a portion of what she knew, but the army's CID, the FBI, the Fayetteville Police Department, the prosecutor's office, and the judge in this case had very different ideas about what they were going to allow Helena Stoeckley to reveal before a jury. In May of 1982, Ted Gunderson and Fayetteville police detective Prince Beasley arranged for Helena to sit down in front of a film crew from 60 Minutes and reveal much (but not all) of what she knew about the murders and the events that transpired in the MacDonald home on that fateful night. Her filmed confession also revealed much about the official investigators and their motivations for framing MacDonald, who turned out to be the perfect patsy, in order to limit the scope of the investigation to MacDonald only and maintain the cover-up of a lucrative CIA drug pipeline running from Vietnam into military bases in the using the body cavities of dead American soldiers being returned to America. The 60 Minutes interview was never aired Helena, after giving birth to a baby boy in June, was found dead-nude from the waist down-on January 14, 1983 . Her baby, though dehydrated, was found alive and survived. About two weeks before the discovery of her body, Helena had placed frantic phone calls with both Ted Gunderson and Prince Beasley. She had been recently interviewed by the FBI and now, she reported, she could see two men in black suits were running surveillance on her every move, 24 hours a day, parked across from her apartment in Seneca, South Carolina. She told Beasley and Gunderson that she was scared and needed protection,. She told Prince Beasley that she was prepared to finally tell the whole story about the MacDonald murders- without demanding immunity for herself- and wanted to "blow the lid" off Fort Bragg. Ted Gunderson called Beasley and urged him to get down to Helena's place as fast as he could, but before Beasley could arrange to take the trip, local newspapers announced that Helena Stoeckley was found dead. The official autopsy said that Helena had died of pneumonia and sclerosis of the liver. Ted Gunderson is convinced that she was silenced using one of the many covert, untraceable assassination techniques known to government intel satanist and CIA insider interviewed by Ted Gunderson identified January 13 as an important date for satanists. They consider January 13 the Satanic New Year, as January 13th is considered the thirteenth day of the 'thirteenth' month. The number 13 is an all important satanic number and is used repeatedly by satanic groups. For example, satanic covens are always composed of thirteen full fledged members. On the night of the MacDonald killings, Jeffrey MacDonald was only aware of the presence of three males and one female in his living room where he was assaulted (and left unconscious), but Ted Gunderson believes that eight cult members had entered the MacDonald home that night: With information gathered from Helena Stoeckley, Prince Beaseley, and other sources, Ted believes that the cult members involved were: 1. Cult leader Francis Winterbourne (white, deceased), nicknamed "Wizzard", 2. Greg Mitchell (white, deceased), 3. Shelby Don Harris (white, living), 4. Allen Mazerolle (white, living), 5. Dwight Smith (black, living), nicknamed "Zig Zag", : 6. Bruce Fowler (status unknown) , 7. Helena Stoeckley (white female, deceased), and 8. Cathy Perry (white female, living). Helena Stoeckley never implicated Cathy Perry as part of the group who entered MacDonald's home, but Perry herself admitted to the FBI that she was present at the murder scene. Ted Gunderson and Prince Beasley have speculated that Helena was fond of Cathy Perry and wanted to shield her from being implicated in the murders. 48 Hours Mystery
The November 5 airing of the MacDonald story by CBS television's 48 Hours Mystery was undoubtedly tied to MacDonald's recent lost bid for parole. Ted Gunderson has taped many similar 'expose' television shows on the MacDonald's case over the years since his 1979 conviction and most of them paint MacDonald as disarmingly cunning, diabolically clever, and Very Guilty. The one exception was Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack, which at least attempted to withhold judgment and remain neutral in its re-enactment of the events that took place that night. This 48 Hours Mystery program hosted by Bill Lagattuta was one of the most biased and front-loaded guilty-as-charged slam pieces that I've yet to witness in a long history of TV slam pieces aimed at MacDonald. Every word, every phrase, every sentence, every question posed by Lagattuta, and many camera angles of MacDonald were chosen- carefully chosen - by editors, writers, and producers of that program to telegraph GUILT and sinister cunning. If you were new to this story and you didn't know the background details of the players and the plot line; if you didn't read Jerry Potter's and Fred Bost's book, Fatal Justice; and if you didn't have access to Ted Gunderson's eight huge boxes of investigative files, reports, and government FOIA documents on the MacDonald case, then you would very likely assume that MacDonald was guilty and belonged in prison-based on the information presented in the program. But the truth has a way of surfacing regardless of the power, dominance, and influence of those who would rule our lives. I'll go over the particulars of this 48 Hours Mystery slam piece in a separate article, but for the time being, you can begin to unbraid the heavy tapestry of the media's well funded and orchestrated deception in the MacDonald case by reading Chapter 3 of Fatal Justice , reprinted below. After that, you can read a portion of Jeffrey MacDoanld's trail transcript in which he describes what he saw and experienced in the early morning hours of Feb. 17, 1970 and glean further details from this July 2000 article written by Jeffrey MacDonald himself . Ken Adachi Excerpted from Fatal Justice (1995)
by Jerry Allen Potter and Fred Bost Chapter 3 , The Woman in the Floppy Hat Jeffrey MacDonald said the faces of his assailants seemed "wasted," as if they were drug users. Yet the CID ridiculed the very idea that such people could get on post, actually get as far as an officer's apartment, murder the family, and simply leave without being detected. But to arrive at this conclusion, the CID agents had to ignore MP Kenneth Mica's sighting of a woman in a floppy hat and boots, forget about the multiple bloody gloves, the bloody syringe, the unmatched fingerprints, foreign candle wax, unmatched blond fibers in a hairbrush, and other things found in the murder apartment. To flatly rule out the presence of "hippies," the agents also had to deny their own knowledge about conditions in the drug community around Fort Bragg at the time of the murders.

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WILLIAM GORDON-53 1/2 acres-Cocke County-on the waters of Indian Creekbeginning at a gum corner to
                                       JOHN EBBS and AKISON, with AKISON’sline, LEDBETTER’s line in Jefferson County, crossing Lowerys Road, LEDBETTER’sline-CC JOHN BLITH and JOHN EBBS Surveyed July 11, 1807
DAVID FULTON-92 1/4 acres-Cocke County-on the waters of Sinking Creek,under the foot of Nave Mountain,
                                along the mountain-CC JOHN HUDSON andJOHN HETHCOCK Surveyed July 5, 1807
GEORGE GRACE-170 acres-Cocke County-on the waters of Englishes Creekbeginning at a white oak on 
                                  THOMAS STEWART’s line, THOMAS STEWART’scorner, crossing the Jones Cove Road, STEWART’s line, stump on REUBIN ALLEN’sline, Cosby Creek Road-CC WILLIAM STEWART and ANDREW DONOVAN Surveyed March21, 1807
LEONARD HUFF-79 1/4 acres-Covke County-on Big Pigeon River beginningat a locust and dogwood corner to
                                 JOHN RAINS on J. NEILSON’s line, withNEILSON’s line and ISAAC RAINS line, CHARLES LOEREY’s line, down the river,corner to JNO. RAINS-CC ISAAC RAINS and ACHILLIS HALE Surveyed August 22,1807
JAMES W. FLANKEN-193 acres 3 rods-Knox County-beginning on a smallwhite oak on a branch corner with
                                         JOHN YOUNG, HICK’s line, stakein road, SEVIER’s croner, crossing the road-CC JAS. DOILE and ISAAC HICKSSurveyed July 20, 1807
FRANCES GREENE-43 1/4 acres-Cocke County-on the Caney Fork of CosbysCreek beginning at a black oak
                                      corner to JOHN BAXTER, JOSEPHSUTTON’s corner, crossing the turnpike road-CC ELIJAH JENKINS and WILLIAMBAXTER Surveyed June 11, 1807
ROBERT GILLELAND-131 3/4 acres-Cocke County-on Cosbys Creek beginningat a large poplar corner to
                                           CALEB ODEL, along the footof high knobs, corner to JOSEPH HUFF, his lines, crossing Cosbys Road,crosssing said road, OUTLAW’s corner-CC REUBIN DENTON and JOHN LARGE SurveyedMay 15, 1807
WILLIAM GILLELAND-61 acres-Cocke County-on the Caney Fork of CosbysCreek beginning at an ash
                                             corner to JOHN BAXTER,with his line, crossing the turnpike, BAXTER’s line, foot of Dentons Mountain , stake on side of a road, crossing road-CCWM. BAXTER and JAS. COPELAND SurveyedJune 12, 1807
HENRY FOSTER-38 acres-Knox County-on Shooks Creek beginning on a pineon JEREMIAH BURNETT’s
                                 line, crossing the road, stake atthe road, crossing the creek, BURNETT’s corner-CC WILLIAM DUNN and HENRYFOSTER Surveyed August 1, 1807
JOHN GOULD-117 acres-Blount County-on a branch of Bakers Creek watersof Tennessee River-CC
                            SAMUEL McCONNAL and JOHN McCONNAL GrantedMarch 21, 1807
JOHN FINDLEY-78 acres 2 rods-Knox County-CC WM. HINDS and JOHN FINDLEYSurveyed February 5,
RICHARD GRIGERY-86 3/4 acres-Jefferson County-on the road from SehornsFerry to Newport-CC
                                        FRANKLIN EDWARDS and JOSEPHMcANDREWS Surveyed May 5, 1807
EDWARD GEORGE-176 acres-Sevier County-on Boyds Creek-CC HUGH COWANand THOMAS AARON
                                       Surveyed March 4, 1807
JAMES LOGAN-512 1/2 acres-Blount County-on Cloyds Creek-CC None GrantedJuly 28, 1807 Assigned to
                               JOHN GLASS consideration $1,500 WitnessesJOHN WILSON and THOS MAXWELL
JOHN FRANKS-129 acres-Blount County-on the waters of Tennessee RiverCC JOHNSTON BLAIR and
                              VALENTINE MAYO Granted June 22, 1807
JOHN GIBSON-67 1/2 acres-Blount County-on Holston River bounded onnortheast and southeast by said river
                             and on all other sides by vacant land-CCJAS. KNOX and JAS. VICARS Surveyed January 18, 1807
DANIEL FARLEY-84 3/4 acres-Sevier County-on Guests Creek-CC None surveyedJune 26, 1807
HENRY CRISWELL-285 acres 2 rods 31 perches-Sevier County-on the watersof Boyds Creek-CC JNO.
                                      SHARP and RICHARD KEMP SurveyedApril 25, 1807 Assigned to ADAM FAGALA Jr, consideration $1,000 July 16,1807 Witnesses WM. MITCHELL and PETER ANDESFebruary 18, 1808
WM. CALVERT-128 acres 2 rods 16 perches-Sevier County-at the mouthof Little Pigeon-CC STEPLE
                               JOHNSON and HUGH BLAIR Surveyed July9, 1807 Assigned to SPENCER CLACK consideration$1,200 February 18, 1808 Witnesses ROBERT LAWSON and ROBERT WEAR
MATHEW FARLEY-78 3/4 acres-Sevier County-Guests Creek-CC None SurveyedJune 26, 1807
GEORGE GRIGSBY-Town Lot-Blount County-lot #70 in town of Maryvillecorner with Lot#71 belonging to
                                      ROBERT GAUT CC JOHN TOOL andJOHN GARDNER Surveyed July 31, 1807
SAMUEL GOULD-110 1/2 acres-Blount County-on the waters of TennesseeRiver-CC JOHN MAXWELL and
                                  JAS. SIMMONS Granted April 2, 1807
JOHN GREEN-40 acres 3 rods-sevier Countyon Second Knob Creek-CC JOSEPHVARNEL and AARON
                           BEAN Surveyed May 14, 1807
JOHN CLEMENTS-130 1/4 acres-Blount County-CC JOHN BIGHAM and DANIELHARRISON Granted
                                    April 23, 1807 Assigned to JAMESGILMORE February 22, 1808 Witnesses JOHN JOHNSON and SAMUEL COWAN
ZACHUES HICKS-84 acres 3 rods-Blount County-on Crooked Creek-CC SAMUELPORTER and MOSES
                                  GAMBLE Surveyed April 2, 1807 Assignedto ALEXANDER B. GAMBLE consideration $300 January 2, 1808 Witnesses WILSONWHITE and ADAM DUNLAP
Heirs of WILLIAM GLASS, deceased, by their guardian JNO. CALDWELL-422acres 19 perches-Blount
                                                                                                                                   County-on waters of Crooked Creek-CC JNO. SMART and WM. GLASS SurveyedFebruary 17, 1807
RICHARD GRACE-201 3/4 acres-Cocke County-on Big Pigeon River aboveplace known as War Ford Tract
                                    beginning at two small oaks onthe bank of the river GEORGE ADAMS corner, small hickory at the mouth ofa cave, crossing the road from Newport to Cosbys Creek, corner to JOHNERRISON, his line, crossing road , white oak on a high cliff, poplar onbank of river, down river-CC JNO. ERRISON and ANDREW DONOVAN Surveyed February14, 1807
ROBERT FERGUSON-425 acres 2 rods 33 poles-Blount County-on a branchof Nine Mile Creek-CC JAS.
                                          TEDFORD, GARMON HEATH, . POSEY and ROBERT COOPER
JOHN GARNER-116 acres 35 perches-Blount County-on a branch waters ofIslejoy Creek-CC JAS. HAMLET
                               and JNO. KEEBLE Surveyed December 30,1806
JOSEPH GLENN-146 acres-Blount County-on Bakers Creek-CC ROBERT McGINLEYand WM. MOORE
                                Granted March 26, 1807
JAMES GREENWAY-557 1/2 acres-Blount County-on the waters of TennesseeRiver-CC ROBERT LOWERY
                                        and WM. BRICE Granted June25, 1807
GEORGE GREEN-122 acres-Sevier County-Pigeon River-CC None Granted June30, 1807
JOHN GIBSON-205 acres-Blount County-on Golohers Creek-CC A. LOGAN andISAAC LOGAN Granted
                             February 26, 1807
JAMES GIDDEN-62 1/2 acres-Blount County-TuqualeetseeCove south side of Little River-CC None Surveyed
                                February 24, 1807
JOHN GIBSON-358 acres 31 perches-Blount County-CC THOMAS MITCHELL andDAVID BELL Surveyed
                             January 21, 1807
                                 and HUGH HENRY Surveyed  December23, 1806

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